I am a web developer who enjoys writing in Python and Javascript. Since July, 2020, I have been learning how to write an open source Slack bot in python. I integrated Slack's Event API and have a better understanding of ORMs since I have been using Flask-SQLAlchemy for my database on this project.

I have experience with Javascript, Node.js, React, Python, Slack Events API, Slack WebCLient, Flask, Flask-SQLAlchemy, Django, Git, GitHub, Express, SQLite3, Redux, HTML, CSS, JSON,, Jest, Supertest, Bootstrap, VSCode, SCSS and Less to name a few technologies.


  • Developer for Taylor

    A non binary, gender neutral open source Slack App that will coach us into using more inclusive terms. Taylor's backend is written in Python with Flask-SQLAchlemy using Slack's Event API and WebClient. The frontend is written in basic HTML and CSS.

  • Front and Backend Developer for Wildfire Watch

    Desktop, mobile and Android app that notifies people about wildfires in fire prone areas. Redesigned both desktop and mobile apps using Whimsical. Implemented the Checklist page by using local storage for state and Bootstrap for design. Resolved bugs in bycrypt. Wrote tests using

  • Backend Developer for VeganMeets

    React based app that allows all users to see vegan restaurant information, add/edit restaurant information, and add reviews to a database. Created a fully functioning API using Node and successfully deployed to Heroku. Utilized bcrypt and JWT for authentication/authorization.